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News for 08-Aug-22

Source: MedicineNet Prevention and Wellness General
Medical Marijuana: Voodoo or Legitimate Therapeutic Choice?

Source: MedicineNet Prevention and Wellness General
With Benefits Unproven, Why Do Millions of Americans Take Multivitamins?

Source: MedicineNet Prevention and Wellness General
In Hospitals, Daily Antiseptic Bath May Prevent Dangerous Infections

Source: MedicineNet Senior Health General
1 in 4 Seniors Doesn't Discuss End-of-Life Care

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MD News
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MD News

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MD News
Need information on medical news? Follow our sponsored links to find information on all of your medical new needs.
MD News

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Virility Demystified

 by: Dr. Michael Rodriguez, M.D.

Throughout the eons of human existence, virility has been a predominant desire. For many, virility is aligned in our subconscious with attributes such as youth, health, and physical proficiency. It is an indication of the ability to reproduce, a trait genetically implanted in our being. However, for numerous men, through no fault of their own, virility is a trait that is not easily achieved.

It is a fact that countless men, even those under the age of thirty, have problems with virility. Luckily, the modern day has opened a vast vista of information for men who wish to seek a resurgence of virility in their lives. This is no longer a subject to hide from, to brush under the rug, or to keep in silence. It is a topic that more and more men are becoming comfortable discussing; and because of this, aggressive research has been conducted to find a solution.

The first step towards improving virility is to recognize the warning signals that may indicate there may be a problem with it. Signs of a lack of virility include an inability to retain a hard erection, premature ejaculation, and/or impotence. While a medical opinion is certainly suggested, it is a fact that the majority of these cases are simply caused by a decrease of blood flowing to the penis region during sexual stimulation. Anxiety about the condition can actually cause a vicious cycle, since fears about sexual performance can lead to stress, which actively works against the achievement of a hard erection. Stress forces the body to produce adrenaline, which reduces the concentration of blood flow to the penis, therefore even further reducing erection quality.

Erections are a direct result of blood flowing into the erectile tissues. During arousal, the arteries in the penis relax and widen, allowing more blood to flood the penis. The veins that would normally carry this blood out of the penis contract, thereby forcing the blood to remain in the penis. This process results in a temporary hardening of the penis arteries, which produces a hard erection. When the blood flowing in the penile region is reduced, virility is jeopardized.

Numerous products have been made available to assist men in regaining their virility. These products have been proven to show remarkable results. Men the world over have benefited from these supplements, as have their partners. There are various options available from prescription medications to herbal supplements. More and more men are turning to proven herbal supplements to increase virility as they normally do not cause side effects and are natural in origin. Some of the most popular of these products are Vig-Rx, Size Pro, Optim Rx, among others. Recently, the most sought after of them all is MacaEnhancer.

Thanks to these supplements, virility is now an easily achievable goal for the majority of men. A new and exciting sexual experience is just waiting to be enjoyed.

About The Author

Dr. Michael Rodriguez is an innovator who has spent the past decade researching male sexual health.

See the only product that he endorses at:

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